UFC Predictions

Get inside the octagon and dive into the adrenaline-pumping world of UFC fight predictions! Try to crack the fight game and make accurate guesses on blockbuster bouts for a chance to win hefty rewards.

Our social sportsbook covers all the main fight nights and numbered events and provides excellent odds on every bout on the card. Makhachev, Jones, Pantoja, Volkanovski, and a host of other top-rated fighters are all on the schedule, and every fight is an opportunity to win some extra coins.

Knockout UFC Odds

Odds are one of the biggest reasons Sportzino is considered a top social sportsbook in the US. Your UFC predictions on our platform will yield bigger rewards than anywhere else.

This holds true for all fights and all markets. Whether you're picking the winner of the long-awaited Topuria-Volkanovski match or are locking in the over/under on the number of rounds for one of the lower-level fights, our prices ensure you get the highest possible return.

If you're new to sports predictions and need a quick tutorial on how UFC odds work, here's a quick example:

  • Daniel Marcos (-250);
  • Qileng Aori (+200).

Daniel Marcos is an overwhelming favorite in this bout, as indicated by the negative odds. To win 100 coins on Marcos, you must lay down 250 coins. Meanwhile, Qileng Aori winning the fight would be considered a colossal upset. Therefore, these odds have a positive value and will yield 200 coins on a 100-coin play.

In other words, the bigger the positive number, the less likely something is to occur. In contrast, the bigger the negative number, the higher the likelihood of that happening.

Different Types of UFC Fight Predictions

UFC is not so rich when it comes to market selection, especially not when compared to sports like football, basketball, or tennis. Nevertheless, there are a few interesting ways in which you can guess the outcome of a given fight:

  • Winner — The simplest and most popular UFC prediction, challenging you to guess who wins the match.
  • Total — This market revolves around the number of rounds. For example, will the fight end in three rounds or more or two rounds or less?
  • Will the fight go the distance — A simple yes or no market where you need to answer whether the two fighters will end the bout without anyone being knocked out.
  • Winning method — Here, you need to predict the winner and how they'll win the fight (by KO, by decision, or by submission). You can also forecast that the fight will end in a draw.
  • Winning method double chance — This is an easier version of the previous market. Here, you can lock in two out of the three possible methods: KO/points, KO/submission, or points/submission.
  • Winner and exact rounds — A precise prediction of the exact period in which a fighter will win — for example, Volkanovski in three or Topuria in five.

You won't see all these markets for every fight. The more popular the fight, the more markets there will be. If it's a low-level contest, you may only get to choose the winner and the over/under on the number of rounds.

UFC Expert Free Tips for Making Successful Predictions

Here are a few suggestions on how to make the best picks for UFC:

  • Learn everything you can about the fighters — Check the fighters' form, H2H history, how their fight styles suit each other, and anything else to help you make an informed decision.
  • Consider backing the underdogs — Upsets in the UFC are relatively common, so consider a long-shot prediction occasionally and allow yourself a chance to multiply your coin stack.
  • Location can play a significant role — Keep in mind the fight's location. Different climates can affect the fighters differently, not to mention that the home crowd can always push a local fighter toward victory.
  • Keep your heart out of it — If you're a UFC fan, you probably have a favorite fighter. However, you shouldn't let your biases cloud your judgment when making predictions. Make picks based on statistical and objective assessments rather than what you want to happen.

Start Making UFC Fight Predictions Now!

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