Best Free Picks Today

Sports predictions sometimes take too long to finalize, especially if they cover an entire competition. Likewise, the same goes for matches spread across a week or even longer.

Hence, you should consider making a prediction for today on an ongoing game. Sportzino has made it possible through our Live! tab — where you'll find all the predictions for today.

The games we cover in our social sportsbook eventually appear in this section, allowing you to make standard and unique plays relevant to the ongoing action on the field.

You'll get to place predictions on all sporting events we cover, like the

If you can see them on our platform, they'll also be in the Live! section.

These events come with highly competitive odds that change to reflect the action on the field. The good news is that you can use one of our many promotions to bring your picks to fruition.

Why Sportzino has the Best Sports Picks for Today?

We've created a modern and user-friendly platform compatible with any browser and both desktop and mobile phones, which will help you make every prediction today seamlessly.

Matches are organized based on their start time, and the upcoming games are always at the top. We have shortcuts for top leagues like the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB, making it easy to find your favorites. A simple tab lets you switch between sports and leagues, so the main selection area is never cluttered.

We also offer detailed data like match statistics, head-to-head numbers, current standing, and live written commentary across many games. You'll get an overview of everything happening on the field so you can make the best picks today.

What Sport Can You Predict Today?

We include all sporting events from our platform in the Live! section, too. Once a match begins, it will appear in the Live! section instead of the Sports tab. Many of the best picks today will make the jump, and you'll find plenty of new ones, too.

You'll generally come across games from sports and competitions like:

  • Basketball — NBA, NCAAB, WNBA, Euroleague;
  • Ice hockey — NHL, AHL, NCAA hockey, Erste Liga, OHL;
  • Soccer — MLS, FIFA World Cup, UEFA Champions League, EURO, Europa League, Premier League, Bundesliga;
  • Baseball — MLB, NCAA baseball;
  • Golf — PGA Championship, US Open, Ryder Cup;
  • MMA — UFC fights;
  • Tennis — US Open, Wimbledon, Australian Open, French Open;
  • eSports — Call of Duty, League of Legends, Counter-Strike, Starcraft 2, Dota 2;
  • Football — NFL, NCAAF, CFL;
  • Cricket — IPL, T20 World Cup, Test Series;
  • Motorsports — Formula 1, NASCAR, MotoGP.

If there are ongoing events in these or 26+ other sports when you're checking the platform, we'll display predictions in the Live! section. Then, you can make your pick based on the experts' tips or your own intuition.

Today's Match Prediction Explanation

We always have the best free picks today for the fans of live sports predictions. Every match will have its own set of plays based on the type of sport, competition, and the situation on the field.

Expect to see the likes of:

  • Money line — Predict the winner of the match;
  • Spread — Play on the margin of victory that gives the underdog a head start;
  • Total — Predict the total in the game going over or under a given number;
  • Props — Includes various plays connected to player or team performance;
  • Period play — Predict who'll win, the number of points, or other relevant factors related to a specific period in a game, like a halftime or quarter.

Unlike regular predictions you get pre-match, live predictions include plays like which team will score the next goal or point, how the current period will end, who'll win the next game in tennis, and similar. In other words, there are many opportunities you can only use when the right time comes.

Highly Competitive Odds on Most Today Matches

The odds you see on our site are all American or money line odds — more importantly, they are always highly competitive. We ensure our odds follow the market and maintain them at the same level, preferably higher. As a result, your rewards will reach their maximum.

We aim to do this for most sports picks today, especially popular ones. Bear in mind that the odds change rapidly and constantly, as they do with live predictions.

How Do Odds Work When You Make a Live Prediction Today?

The odds on live predictions are the same as those for tonight's sports markets or outrights. There is no change to the format or reading of the numbers. The only difference is that they update continually — every few seconds or whenever something vital happens during the game.

As a result, you'll need to react quickly and complete your prediction fast before the odds and your potential rewards change. In most cases, this is a small shift, but if something big happens, odds can shift drastically, so your today's match prediction becomes irrelevant.

Because of this, live predictions are more attuned to experienced players and those who can think and react quickly. If you're a beginner, it will take time to get to the point of making these properly and collecting more coins.

If you're good at making predictions or have the right tipster, you might spot a change in advance and capitalize on high odds before they change. Live predictions are often more valuable compared to regular pre-match and outrights.

Various Bonuses and Promotions at Your Tonight's Sports Odds

Making live predictions is even better when you get a sweet promo. We offer many free bonuses and promotions that will give you gold and sweeps coins to play with.

Upon registration, new players get to start their journey with a hefty welcome bonus. It's the whole package, and you can build on it by completing tasks like connecting your account with Facebook, verifying your phone number, and more.

Besides that, we offer a sweet daily login incentive you can claim every day without using it all at once. You'll also find many other offers on our Promotions page and socials, where we constantly run contests and giveaways.