Free Tennis Picks and Predictions

Welcome to Sportzino, the latest social sportsbook in the United States, where you can experience the best markets for all your favorite tennis events and players. 

Are you a big fan of tennis? You can enjoy your tennis fan moment by predicting on Sportzino. But hold on, there's more!

Our social sportsbook is optimized to run perfectly on any device. So, it doesn't matter if you enjoy making free tennis picks on the big screens of your desktop device or prefer a simpler mobile sportsbook -like experience — we've got you covered either way. There's also a special welcome package available after you sign up and a host of other bonuses you can claim on your journey with us.

Tennis Tournaments Available at Sportzino

Tennis has maintained a massive following over the years due in part to there always being a major tournament going on, and fans never lack true entertainment. At Sportzino, we make sure to follow all these events, and even offer markets for lesser-known competitions.

Here are some of the popular men's and women's tennis tournaments you are sure to find at Sportzino:

  • ATP World Tour Singles and Doubles 
  • Australian Open
  • French Open
  • US Open
  • Wimbledon Open
  • ATP Challenger
  • ITF

Types of Tennis Markets 

Tennis might be a sport that only involves two players (four in doubles), but it has numerous elements that make it highly compelling for tipsters. If you enjoy making hot predictions on tennis games, here is a look at some of the available markets on our platform.

  • Moneyline: This is the biggest tennis market at Sportzino. Here, you predict the outright winner of a match. The favorite to win will have a negative sign in front of their number, while the underdog will have a positive sign.
  • Game spread: In the point spread market, we level out the playing field between two players by assigning handicaps on both games and sets. In other words, you are no longer just guessing who will win the game, but the margin of victory.
  • Scorecast: This is a unique tennis market that involves predicting the winner and precise score of a set. 
  • Over/Under: This entails estimating how long you think a tennis match will last. For example, let us say there is an over/under 3.5 point market option available for a match-up on our social sportsbook. If you think the game will take more than three straight sets, you choose the over option. You can go for the under if you believe the match will be decided in three straight sets or fewer.
  • Long-term and props: You can predict the winner of a tournament before it even begins, or make more niche picks, like the most aces or double faults in a match. 

Sportzino also allows you to make predictions on live tennis matches. You can even combine multiple daily line picks to create parlays and enhance your experience and winnings.

How to Get Started

So, your favorite tennis player has a match tonight or sometime later this week, and you want to place your free predictions and get on with your day. Do not worry — we have got you covered. Our one-click registration solution and easy-to-use platform are what you need. 

Here's how you get started:

  1. Visit our official website on your mobile device or PC and click the Sign-Up button. It will only take a few seconds to register.
  2. You can then navigate to the sports section, find tennis, and start browsing our numerous markets.
  3. Click on the numbers next to your preferred market to add them to your selections. 
  4. Then, you can choose to play for free using Gold Coins or participate in sweepstakes for a chance to win rewards.