Mexican Soccer Odds

Mexico is a massive country, with soccer played everywhere. From the most prominent Liga MX at the top of the pyramid to Liga TDP at the bottom, you have plenty of options to make Mexican league soccer predictions.

Sportzino is here to help by covering all the major leagues and their games on our sports predictions platform. We offer many different prediction types for every game, as well as futures and live plays.

Most importantly, we offer competitive Mexican Soccer League odds on as many markets as possible, allowing you to make your plays entirely free. No purchase is required, and you can claim various bonuses and promos to increase your Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins collection.

How Do Mexican Soccer Odds Work?

The odds on Mexican soccer are simple to understand since they work the same way as all other odds on Sportzino. As a refresher, we use American or moneyline odds, where the + sign denotes the underdog and the - sign identifies the favorite.

With - odds, the number tells you how many GC/SC you need to place on your prediction to win 100 of those coins. If the odds come with a + sign, they tell you how much you stand to win from a 100 GC/SC prediction.

To make things clearer, let's consider a few Mexico soccer odds from our site. A match between Juarez and Deportivo Toluca is on the schedule, and the odds you see on Sportzino are:

  • Juarez +250
  • Draw +260
  • Deportivo Toluca -107

In this example, Toluca is the favorite, and if you make that play with 107 GC, you stand to win 207 GC (your original 107 + 100 more). On the other hand, if you back Juarez, the underdog, with 100 GC, you'll get 350 GC (your original 100 + 250 more).

The important thing is that our odds are always as high as possible. This means you can accumulate many more coins over time than on competitor sites.

How to Make Mexico Soccer Predictions on Sportzino?

We cover a wide range of Mexican soccer predictions for every game. Some of the more popular ones include:

  • 1x2 — If you choose 1, you're banking on the home team to win. If you choose X, you're hoping for a draw. Lastly, a 2 means the away team must win for you to win the prediction.
  • Total — We provide a range of numbers representing the total number of goals scored in a game, and you can speculate on the actual score being under or over that number.
  • First goal—Predict which team will score the first goal in the match. You can also predict the exact player.
  • Double chance — This play lets you pick two outcomes simultaneously (1 and X, 1 and 2, 2 and X). You win if either of your two selections is correct.
  • Both teams to score — This Mexico soccer prediction requires you to guess whether both teams will score at least a goal. It's a simple yes or no prediction.
  • Spread — We award an extra goal or more to the underdog to even out the playing field. So, for example, if the spread is 1.5 and you play on the favorite, they'll need to win by at least two goals.

Besides these, we also offer live Mexican soccer league predictions, which are essentially the same but placed while the game is ongoing. That said, there are some specific live prediction markets.

For example, you might be asked to guess who will score the next goal or the penalty outcome.

These plays often reward you immediately or later today when the game ends.

Next to our Match Odds, you'll find the Futures tab, where we list all the available futures for Mexican soccer leagues. They let you predict things like the Liga MX season winner, the team to score or concede the most goals, and much more.

Mexican Soccer League System Explained

The Mexican soccer league system has undergone drastic changes since the start of the pandemic. Although relegation and promotion have been suspended since 2023, the system still has four levels, and we always cover the top three.

At the top is Liga MX, formerly Primera Division, with 18 of the country's best clubs. Every season is effectively divided into Apertura and Clausura, with games played from July to December and January to May, respectively. That way, you get more than enough games to follow and make score predictions and other plays.

Many fan favorites are found in Liga MX, including América, León, Tigres UANL, Pachuca, Atlas, and other teams' names.

Below is the Liga de Expansion MX, established in 2020. You can find all of its matches on Sportzino. This league has 15 teams playing 306 games annually across Apertura and Clausura. Our platform offers various Mexican soccer picks for every game.

The third level is Liga Premier, with 51 teams divided into Serie A and Serie B. The former has two groups totalling 35 teams, and the latter contains 15 teams. This leads to more than 400 games every season; you can find most of them on this social sportsbook.

The lowest level is home to the massive Liga TDP, with as many as 209 clubs divided into 17 groups.