College Football Predictions

Take your NCAAF viewing experience to the next level and make college football predictions at Sportzino throughout the season and playoffs, all the way to the National Championship.

There is nothing like the historic rivalries and passion of college football. Watch your alma mater play their hearts out in front of 50,000+ screaming students and fans, and try your luck on some of the most iconic moments in sports.

Types of College Football Predictions

Before you jump right into making NCAAF predictions, get acquainted with the different options we have available.

At Sportzino, you can make moneylines, spreads, props, totals, futures, and parlay predictions.Here is how the different NCAAF picks work:


With an NCAAF moneyline prediction, you're simply guessing which team will win. For example, you expect Alabama to beat Michigan in the National Championship — if Alabama wins, you earn a reward.

This market is available for all games and is especially useful for newcomers to college football or sportsbooks.


With spread college football predictions, you must guess a team's winning margin correctly. Sportzino places a +/- point handicap on each team, so you have to take that into account when predicting a winner.

The goal of the spread is to make the game as close to 50/50 as possible. The handicap represents the sportsbook's opinion on how much a team is going to win or lose by.

For example, let's say you believe Ohio State will beat Missouri with a -3.5-point handicap. This means your prediction is only correct if Ohio State beats Missouri by 4 points or more. So your prediction will lose even if Ohio State wins 30-27.


With props, you can make predictions about different in-game statistics. For example, you might think Drake Maye will throw 250+ yards in his next game, or Tetairoa McMillan might score the first touchdown. Basically, props allow you to predict various aspects of the game, which makes them ideal for those who dig stats-based predictions.

Props are often presented as “over/unders,” to make things easier. This is where we set the line, and you need to predict whether the game stat will be above (over) or below (under). For example, the line for Alabama's total yards in their next game might be 400.5. Your prediction will be correct if you go for the under and Alabama records 400 yards or less.


Totals are all about predicting how many points will be scored in a college football game. Suppose Florida State is taking on Georgia, and the line is set at 53.5. Your task is to predict whether the number of points will be lower or higher than this line. If you take the “over,” and 54 points or more are scored, you win.


With futures, you're predicting the outcome of a multi-staged event that plays out over an extended time frame rather than daily. The most common NCAAF future predictions include a team to win the NCAAF National Championship or a player to win the Heisman Trophy.

For instance, you could back Quinn Ewers to win the Heisman next season.


NCAAF parlays involve combining multiple single predictions into a big one. You might want to take a chance on Florida State beating NC State, Texas defeating Iowa State, and Jam Miller rushing for 100+ yards in his next game. Your parlay only wins if all these predictions come true.

The benefit of college football parlays is that you receive combined odds. As a result, you have the chance for higher potential winnings. However, you should also keep in mind that parlays are harder to predict correctly.

Live NCAAF Picks

At Sportzino, you can make your regular season and CFP predictions while the game is being played, thanks to our live markets. That's right — even if you've missed the kick-off, you can still make your moneyline, spread, and prop predictions.

With live NCAA football picks, the odds are dynamic and constantly moving up and down based on the action on the field. For example, Alabama may start the game as a heavy favorite over Arkansas, but if the Razorbacks score a touchdown and field goal, the odds are bound to shift in their favor.

How Do NCAAF Odds Work?

NCAA football odds reveal two crucial pieces of information: your potential winnings and your implied probability, which isthe chance of your prediction being correct based on the sportsbook's analysis. Remember, the team with the + odds is considered the underdog, while the team with the - odds is the favorite.

If the odds are +, you divide them by 100 and then multiply them by the number of Gold Coins you're using. The result you get is your potential reward. For example, if you place 100 GC on Georgia to beat Florida at +250 CFP odds, you could potentially win 250 GC (250/100 x 100).

If NCAA football lines are -, you divide 100 by the odds and then multiply them by the number of GC you plan on using. This way, you will know what kind of reward to expect should your prediction come through. For example, if you place 100 GC on Washington to beat Stanford at -300 odds to win, you could make 33.33 GC (100/300 x 100).

If that sounds a little complicated, just remember that + odds show how much you could get from a 100-coin prediction. On the other hand, - odds reveal the number of coins you need to put down to win 100.

To calculate your implied probability, you first need to convert the American-style odds to decimal odds. Then, you divide 1 by these decimal odds and multiply the result by 100. This is then expressed as a percentage, and it shows the probability of your prediction being right. For example, if you pick Michigan to beat Indiana at -300, aka 1.33 odds, then the sportsbook is giving Michigan a 75% (1/1.33) chance of winning.

NCAA Football Pick Tips

It's probably tempting to back your alma mater every time they play. Still, we suggest that you try these expert tips when making your future free college football picks to improve your chances of winning:

  • Back the underdog when there is a massive spread — In college football, powerhouse teams often play warm-up games against grossly overmatched opponents, and the spread can be +25 or more. There is often great value in backing these underdogs to cover the spread.
  • Take the “over” for totals — College football teams tend to have high-powered offenses and score lots of points. At the same time, their defenses are often leaky, which results in high-scoring games. When you stumble upon an NCAAF fixture with point totals over 70, take the “over.”
  • Make live moneyline predictions — A great way to boost your odds of winning is to watch the opening drive of both teams and then predict which side is going to win. After seeing both teams' offenses and defenses in action, you'll have a better idea of who has the edge.
  • Try a parlay college football prediction — With parlays, you can potentially win a hefty sum of Gold Coins without wasting a large chunk of your bankroll since the odds of all your predictions will be combined. However, do not add too many — keep it between three and six if you want to increase your chances of success.

Best College Football Games to Make Predictions On

There are 134 schools that play Division I college football. With hundreds of games every season and 40+ bowl games, even the most dedicated fans can't tune into all of them. Here are some of the most exciting NCAA football games to make predictions on:

National Championship

College football has its very own version of the Super Bowl. At the end of the season, the top four teams in the nation compete in a single elimination playoff bracket. The final two then face off in the National Championship, which is held in January. The winner of this event is crowned the nation's top college football team.

Conference Championships

NCAA college football teams are divided into 11 conferences. At the end of the season, the top teams from each of them compete against each other for the title of the champion of their conference.

The conference championship games are:

  • ACC
  • Big Ten
  • Big 12
  • American
  • FBS Independents
  • C-USA
  • Mountain West
  • Mid-American
  • SEC
  • Sun Belt
  • Pac-12


While the NFL may have more talented players, the professional league can't compete with the historic rivalries in college football. These often date back more than a century, which results in incredible stadium atmospheres and unforgettable moments.

Here are some NCAAF rivalries that you should keep an eye on:

  • Florida vs. Georgia
  • Harvard vs. Yale
  • Michigan vs. Ohio State
  • Army vs. Air Force
  • Alabama vs. Auburn
  • Texas vs. Oklahoma
  • Army vs. Navy
  • Notre Dame vs. USC

Bowl Games

Bowl games are one-off post-season college football games, which often feature the most elite teams.

There are 40+ of them in total. Every NCAAF season, two bowl games are featured in the college football playoffs' semi-finals.

The best bowl games to make predictions on using free picks are:

  • Rose Bowl
  • Peach Bowl
  • Fiesta Bowl
  • Sugar Bowl
  • Cotton Bowl Classic
  • Orange Bowl