NCAA Women's Basketball Odds

Some of the best women's basketball clashes unfold in American colleges. Names like Kelsey Plum, Maya Moore, Brittney Griner, and Cheryl Miller made their first strides playing ball for elite schools like Washington, UConn, Baylor, and USC.

Watching young talent rise and chase their future WNBA stardom during college is always exciting. Moreover, women's NCAAB games can be pretty intense and memorable.

If you're a college basketball fan, you've probably had Eureka moments and made correct game predictions. Well, your accurate guesses won't go to waste anymore — now you can make real NCAA women's basketball bracket predictions at our social sportsbook.

We offer legit women's college basketball odds and enable you to make picks using virtual currency at Sportzino. Get those predictions right, and you'll be in for a reward. What does all this mean? Follow along on this detailed guide for everything you need to know about NCAA Women's Basketball. How to Read NCAA Women's Basketball Odds?

NCAAW odds follow the same principles as for other sports and competitions. Positive and negative numbers are assigned to different prediction markets. Positive numbers denote underdogs and predictions that are unlikely to occur, while negative numbers reflect the opposite.

Let's say that the South Carolina Gamecocks are the favorites to win the national title and that the women's national championship odds are at -118. You'll need to play 118 coins for every 100 coins in wins. Conversely, the NCAAWB odds for the LSU Tigers are +740, meaning you can play 100 coins and win 740.

The 100 coins are just a benchmark, and you can decide how many you want to play.

Types of NCAA Women's Predictions

You can lock in a prediction on women's college basketball in various ways. There are essentially three types of predictions depending on the time and whether it's an individual game or an entire tournament:

  • Pre-game predictions: These are based on an upcoming clash between two schools. We aim to post odds as early as possible, sometimes weeks before the game, so you have plenty of time to think, gather data, and make educated decisions.
  • Live predictions: You can make predictions even as the games are in play. The odds fluctuate rapidly to match the situation on the floor, so the challenge is to recognize momentum shifts and act quickly. You can make the same predictions as in the pre-game period, plus some extra ones, like the winner of the current quarter, for example.
  • Outright winner predictions: With this market, you can skip guessing individual games and explore the women's national championship odds. You can pick any of the 68 Division I teams during the March Madness tournament, although the market may be closed while the games are in play.

The following prediction options are available for both live and pre-game games:

  • Moneyline: Pick a team to win the game.
  • Point spread: Pick a team to cover a given spread. For example, if the spread on the Iowa Hawkeyes is -9.5, they must win by 10 points. If the spread on the Texas Longhorns is +3.5, they must win outright or lose by under four points.
  • Totals: Guess if the total number of points will be over or under a mark, like 129.5.
  • Winning margin: Predict a winning margin range, like the Radford Highlanders winning the game by 1–5 points.
  • Odd/even: This is a 50/50 pick on whether the total score will be an odd or even number.

How to Start Making Free Women's College Basketball Predictions Today?

Are you ready to make those NCAA women's basketball odds count? Here's how you can get in on the action:

  1. Sign up in one simple step using your email address or an existing Facebook account.
  2. Claim your complimentary coins upon successful registration.
  3. Find our menu on the left-hand side and navigate to Basketball > USA > NCAA (W).
  4. Check the available games and markets, and make your picks by clicking on the corresponding odds.
  5. Punch in the number of coins you want to play in the playslip area and hit Predict.