Free Basketball Picks and Predictions

Welcome to Sportzino, the hottest social sportsbook on the web, where you can play for free and predict the outcomes of high-profile basketball games worldwide.

Think you know who is going to win this year’s MVP in the NBA? Or maybe you have a strong hunch on the final score of a blockbuster Euroleague game? With Sportzino, you can explore everything from today’s match prediction to the long-term outcomes of every major basketball league and tournament.

We are the best in class, providing a ton of markets across all basketball competitions and giving you loads of free deals to replenish your coins balance. Best of all, if you keep getting your predictions right, you have a chance of winning and claiming actual rewards.

Which Basketball Leagues Are Available at Sportzino?

There is no shortage of basketball games in our social sportsbook. You can get a forecast on every single NBA duel throughout the regular season and the playoffs. Additionally, you will find lower-level leagues from countries like Bulgaria, Finland, and Taiwan. So, whether you want to make a forecast tonight or sometime this week, there will always be plenty of options to choose from.

Here is a list of some of the most prominent b-ball leagues and competitions that are open for play:

  • NBA
  • NCAA
  • Euroleague
  • Liga ACB (Spain)
  • CBL (Canada)
  • CBA (China)
  • FIBA World Cup
  • Olympic basketball

Types of Predictions for Basketball Games

As a dynamic sport with loads of different components and nuances, basketball allows for a wide array of forecasts. Here are some ways to predict basketball games on our official website:

  • Daily line — This is the main play across virtually every sport where you just need to pick a winning side.
  • Game spreads — When one team is favored to win, we will assign the opponent some extra points to even out the playfield. This is called a spread, and the goal is to predict whether the favorite will cover the spread by beating the opposing team over the set amount of points. Alternatively, to guess if the underdog will manage to keep the score within the said spread.
  • Totals — Due to its high degree of scoring volatility, basketball is a lot of fun when predicting totals. We will post a number, like 215.5, for example, and your goal will be to guess if the cumulative score will be over or under that number. You may also try to estimate the total number of points scored by each of the two teams.
  • Props — Picking the winner of the first half, deciding on whether a particular player will score more or fewer points than the set line, or guessing whether the game will go to overtime; these all fall under propositions or props. They consist of several segments that do not necessarily relate to a game's final score or outcome.
  • Live predictions — All of the aforementioned predictions can be made in real-time as the game takes place as well, all with shifting pricing and lines.
  • Parlays — You can make multiple predictions to increase your potential win. However, do not forget that each play must be successful for you to win.
  • Outrights — Future basketball picks or outrights are long-term forecasts on championship teams and the winners of individual games. For example, you can pick an NBA champion before the season starts or guess which player will win the Defensive Player of the Year award.

How to Join the Action

You can hop in on the action at Sportzino from virtually anywhere in the United States where sweepstakes are legal, and it only takes a couple of minutes to start playing. Here is how it all works, from one-click registration to laying down your first basketball prediction:

  1. Hit the Sign Up button at the top of the page.
  2. Provide a few details about yourself.
  3. Claim our welcome gift.
  4. Find basketball from the list of sports.
  5. Browse the available play options and click/tap on the prices to proceed.
  6. Type in how many coins you wish to use and submit your picks.

Hot Basketball Free Prediction Tips

Here are some tried-and-true tipster recommendations for making basketball predictions:

  • Follow up on news and stats — Those who keep up with basketball news always have a higher chance of making the correct prediction.
  • Find value in live play — Explore live play to see if any prices and lines are off and can create a good winning opportunity.
  • Make use of promo coins — Whenever there is a promo available, make sure to grab it. It is free, and you will increase your likelihood of winning.