NBA Draft Odds

Make your picks as the best basketball teams in the world make theirs at the yearly NBA Draft. Examine the league's top young prospects and predict which ones will get selected at the highest spots.

Here at Sportzino, we offer free NBA Draft predictions to anyone who joins. We are available in all states that allow sweepstakes platforms to operate. Register in minutes, claim your welcome coins, and start locking in those picks.

How NBA Draft Odds Work?

NBA Draft pick odds work similarly to any other type of outright prediction. You are essentially forecasting which players will be selected by which teams and at which positions at the upcoming NBA Draft.

The odds work the same as with other sports, reflecting the overall chances of something occurring. The higher the positive NBA odds, the less chance for something to happen, but the more you win if you get it right. Negative odds denote favorites and likely occurrences but yield lower payouts.

For instance, if the odds are -200, every 200 coins you play will win you an additional 100. Conversely, +200 means that for every 100 coins you play, the payout will be 200.

NBA Draft Prediction Markets

Of course, the main prediction market revolves around who will be selected as the first overall pick. You may see a list that looks something like this:

  • Player 1: -900
  • Player 2: +700
  • Player 3: +1400
  • Player 4: +10000
  • Player 5: +10000

However, top pick predictions are often predictable, and the NBA Draft projection is very clear. There's usually one player everyone knows will get picked first, making this market slightly dull.

Zion Williamson's 2019 NBA Draft odds were -2000, while Victor Wembanyama's 2023 NBA Draft odds were -20000. To no one's surprise, they both took the top spot in their respective classes. This is why multiple draft NBA prediction markets are available on our platform.

We may offer predictions for the second, third, fourth, and many subsequent picks. The over/under market on a given player's draft position can be interesting. For example, you can guess whether Ja'Kobe Walter will come in 8th or higher or 9th or lower.

Similar to horse racing, you may lock in a trifecta prediction and guess the exact order of the first three picks. We may also enable a head-to-head market where you can pick which of the two players gets drafted first.

Depending on the current draft prospects and media narratives, some special markets may also become available. This year is especially interesting, as there's been a lot of talk about LeBron James' son, Bronny James, entering the draft and joining his father with the Lakers.

It's still questionable whether Bronny will be drafted this year or next year and whether his father's current team will draft him, but that's precisely what makes this prediction interesting.

Who Are the Top Prospects at This Year's NBA Draft?

The 2024 NBA Draft takes place on June 27, 2024, and we already have some mock draft forecasts in place.

Victor Wembenyama seemingly laid the groundwork for the league's interest in French talent, as this year's top two prospects are his countrymen Zaccharie Risacher and Alex Sarr, both just 19 years old.

According to experts, Rob Dillingham, a 6-foot-2 guard from Kentucky, is the top American player and the likely third overall pick. His Wildcat teammate Reed Sheppard is likely to go in the top five as well, while many are predicting Serbia's Nikola Topic will squeeze in between them.

Other likely top-ten picks in the current NBA projected draft include the American-Lithuanian forward Matas Buzelis, Cody Williams, who fell in the projections due to a minor ankle injury, a long-distance sniper from Baylor Ja'Kobe Walter, a 7-foot-2 defensive anchor from UConn Donovan Clingan, and another French forward Tidjane Salaun.

How to Get Started With NBA Draft Predictions at Sportzino?

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  5. Explore your options and click/tap on the odds to make a prediction.
  6. Review your choice in the play slip area, punch in the number of coins you want to play with and submit your pick.
  7. Tune in during the NBA Draft night, grab some popcorn, and determine if your predictions were correct. Good luck!